The Importance of a Whole House Water Filter in Your Home

The Importance of a Whole House Water Filter in Your Home

The importance of drinking water that is clean, pure, and free of impurities cannot be over-emphasized. Despite this, those who take matters into their own hands to protect themselves with water filters normally do so with one filter that is installed on the kitchen tap. This leaves heavy metals, pesticides, contaminants, chemical waste and cancer-causing agents such as chlorine to run freely from every other faucet in your home to be drank or otherwise absorbed through your skin and into your body. It’s for this reason that all homeowners should install a whole house water filter to protect themselves and their families from the long-term health consequences of dirty water.

As much as nobody wants to think about it, most water that flows from the taps of American homes is not only dirty, but contaminated with various levels of dangerous chemicals. These include waste products from industrial functions, chemical substances, and even chemicals that occur by the natural processes of nature. Add to this the fact that government regulations do not even include provisions for monitoring many of the contaminants found in our drinking water, and you get an idea of the importance of filtering every outlet in your home.

The Dangerous World of Unwanted Substances

Where does the water that flows into your home come from? If you think it only makes its way via groundwater sources, you would only be partly right. Your water comes not only from public water supplies or wells, but it also comes from surface water such as rivers and lakes, all of which can be contaminated with such things as:

  • Chlorine
  • Disease-causing pathogens
  • Leachate from septic systems and landfills
  • Chemicals from household products
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • and many more

It is important to understand that the contamination levels of substances are not necessarily high enough to cause you harm, but over the course of time, these substances can cause dire health issues, regardless of whether they are ingested or your body is exposed to them over longer periods of time.



Why Use a Whole House Filter?

A whole house water filter is the only method that has been scientifically proven to prevent contamination from entering your home through any of the outlets inside. As opposed to a water filter that might be installed on the water tap in your kitchen, a whole house water filter is installed at the point where your water enters your home. The primary benefit of a whole house water filter is that it will prevent contaminants from entering your water, regardless of where that water might come into your home.

When most people think of how they are exposed to the water in their home, they think of what they might ingest while drinking or what they use while bathing. For better or for worse, however, we are exposed to water in many different ways, whether it be when brushing our teeth, washing our hands, doing the dishes, cooking, bathing, and even swimming. The trouble with this is that in many of these cases, the water we might drink or expose our bodies to is not cleaned by the filter that might be installed in our kitchens.

Hidden Water Exposure

In 1997, the EPA reported that the average American absorbs more contaminants from bathing and/or showering than from drinking polluted water, whatever the source. When water in our homes is ingested via eating or drinking, only about 20 to 50 percent of the chemicals that are taken in through the water are absorbed into the body, depending largely on what was eaten or drunk. By contrast, when it comes to water that has been absorbed by the skin, virtually 100 percent of the contaminants in water is absorbed. This should not be surprising when you consider that skin is the largest organ in the body. Even when you consider that the body absorbs water, the truth is that not all parts of the body absorb contaminants at the same rates. The forearms absorb water at a rate of nine percent as compared with the ear canal, which absorbs 46 percent of any contaminants.

Even the lungs, which most might think of as not being involved in the absorption of water is, in fact, taking in fumes of contaminants that are released only by running water. The EPA recently listed chloroform as one chemical that is released from hot water that is from taps, whether in the water itself or from steam.

It’s plain to see from these study results, that installing a water filter in one outlet of your home doesn’t prevent contaminants from reaching you, and whether short term or long term, these chemicals can have serious long-term repercussions. Even with many of these small water filters, the exposure of water to the filtering processes is not enough to prevent contamination from entering the water being released.

The Importance of Using a Whole House Water Filter

The EPA has recently released a report that identifies more than 700 pollutants that can be found regularly in the water system of any given home in America. Further, 22 of these contaminants are known to cause cancer. Scientists have not completed tests on many of the other contaminants, so their influence in causing cancer or other diseases is not known.

The good news in all of this is that research has shown that with a whole house water filter, it is possible to remove virtually all of the harmful elements in the water that comes into every area of our homes. These elements include but are not limited to:

  • Radioisotopes from leaking nuclear power plants
  • Drug residues
  • Fluoride
  • Chemical additives
  • Chemical byproducts
  • Heavy metals
  • Agricultural contaminants, including pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides

Your Body and the Need for Clean Water

It should come as no surprise that your body needs clean water to function properly and survive. The human body is made up of 50 to 70 percent water and cannot function effectively or live for more than a few days without water, since water is included in many of the body’s chemical processes that make it work effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, what we often take for granted as being clean water is anything but. Instead, it is, at least, in the long run, a deadly cocktail of contaminants. Prevent shortcomings in technology and the law that will make you sick by installing a whole house water filter in your home today.